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Injuries Caused by Multiple Car Pile-Ups

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Between residents and tourists, South Carolina highways and roads are busy places. Heavily traveled roadways get congested with cars, and sitting in traffic can be a part of everyday life. Circumstances involving bumper to bumper traffic and a high amount of drivers on the road can set the stage for multiple car pile-ups. These types of accidents are often the result of a chain reaction, which end up involving multiple drivers and resulting in a number of driver and passenger injuries. Multi-vehicle car accidents in South Carolina are common, and make headline news on a monthly basis. The most recent incident occurred this past June, with a multi-vehicle accident involving 8 cars and multiple tractor-trailers. Damages caused by these types of accidents can be extensive, and the injuries to drivers and passengers are often severe. Here’s what you need to know about the causes of multi-car pile-ups, and how the law determines who is at fault in these dangerous accidents.

Causes of Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents occur for a variety of reasons. Environmental factors, road conditions, and driver error all can result in vehicle crashes. When there is an accident, particularly on busy highways and interstates, it is not uncommon to see a chain reaction, in which multiple cars become involved. A May 2015 pile-up on Interstate 26 in Lexington, SC resulted in a multi-vehicle crash involving 10 cars and a tanker truck carrying fuel. The tanker exploded as a result of the wreck, and set fire to nearby vehicles. The cause of the accident is unknown. While causes of these types of accidents is not always easy to determine, there are a number of contributing factors that can make multi-vehicle car accidents more likely, such as:

  • Poor weather conditions resulting in decreased visibility
  • Wet or slippery roads
  • Tailgating and aggressive driving
  • Road obstacles, such as construction and disabled vehicles

Determining Responsibility in a Multi-Vehicle Accident

In a typical, two-car accident, there is one particular driver who may be clearly to blame for the accident. When dealing with multiple car accidents, however, it can be a difficult and lengthy process in determining who is to blame. If you’ve been injured in an accident of this type, how do you know who is legally entitled to pay you for your injuries and property damage? In South Carolina, more than one driver may be legally responsible for paying damages as the result of fault in a car accident. Under Section 15-38-15 of the S.C. Code of Laws, the theory of comparative negligence dictates that the percentages of each driver’s contribution or fault in the accident can be used to determine what percentage of financial responsibility the driver has to those who have been injured.

Contact Our Experienced South Carolina Car Accident Attorneys

If you or a loved one has been hurt or injured in a multi-vehicle car accident, contact Anastopoulo Law Firm right away. Our experienced South Carolina car accident attorneys can protect your rights to claim damages as the result of injuries you received in the accident. Before admitting any liability or making any statements to insurance companies, consult with one of our attorneys.


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