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Insurance Claims for Struggling Businesses

The economy has been severely slowed by the coronavirus and the mandatory secure-in-place quarantines issued throughout the country. As a result, many businesses big and small are struggling to keep their doors open. There are business insurance policies sold by some insurers that provide financial benefits to account for income lost to disasters and national emergencies. The coronavirus pandemic was officially declared as a national emergency by the Trump Administration in March 2020.

Do you have an insurance policy that covers your business’s financial losses during an emergency like the COVID-19 pandemic? Your insurer should be honoring that policy, but do not be surprised if they do not. Just as with medical insurance claims, some dishonest insurance companies will try to find unjustified ways to deny business insurance claims.

Most business owners do not know that this is part of their standard insurance policy. We will be glad to look at yours and evaluate it at no charge to help you during this pandemic.

Have a Grievance with Your Insurer? Let Us Know

The sooner you get a member of Anastopoulo Law Firm on your side, the sooner you will be prepared to take on your insurance company. Whether you need to file a medical insurance claim or a business insurance claim, we have the experience and legal background to guide and support you. Taking on insurance companies has been a cornerstone of what we do for more than 25 years, so we are never intimidated by the opposition, no matter their size or reputation.

Call (800) 313-2546 today to start your claim with the help of our South Carolina insurance grievances lawyers. Free case evaluations are available.

South Carolina Medical Insurance Grievances Attorneys

Call our South Carolina medical insurance grievances attorneys now for legal help.

Stand Up to Dishonest Insurance Companies

During the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, there is a heightened need for insurance claims. Businesses facing extreme financial hardship as the economy slows down need to lean on their insurers in many ways to try to stay afloat. People are also seeking medical attention for coronavirus symptoms in droves, and each one of those patients will have a pending medical insurance claim.

To try to cut their expenses, some dishonest insurance companies are looking for ways to sell their policyholders short, minimizing coverage and payouts in unfair ways. But Anastopoulo Law Firm is here to make certain they don’t get away with it in South Carolina. Our law firm is among the most trusted in the state when it comes to protecting the rights of locals and their businesses whenever they go up against a stubborn insurance company.

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Getting Medical Insurance Coverage You Deserve

By the time the coronavirus is under control, it will be no exaggeration to say that thousands – if not millions – of Americans will have contracted the virus. While most cases are expected to be mild, there could still be near-uncountable amounts of medical insurance claims filed within a comparatively short period of time. To try to deal with the spike in claims, some insurance companies will look for ways to deny, delay, or undervalue claims, even when it would be unjustified.

Let us know if your insurance company has mishandled your medical insurance claim by:

  • Denying it: Insurance companies need specific reasons to deny a claim outright. When considering the average medical coverage policy, justifying a complete claim denial is difficult. If your claim was denied, then it is possible it was done arbitrarily, rather than based on any language in your insurance policy.
  • Delaying it: Another insurance company tactic to try to limit how much they need to pay to claimants is wrongfully delaying a claim. There are strict timetables insurance companies need to follow when handling a claim, including how soon they need to respond to initial filings. By delaying claims needlessly, a dishonest insurer is hoping to wear out the claimant’s patience and make them give up on trying to get coverage.
  • Undervaluing it: Rather than outright denying a claim, an insurance company might nitpick the details of your medical treatments until it can minimize how much coverage you are provided. Do not be persuaded into thinking that getting something is better than getting nothing when you deserve to be provided everything.