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Back Injury Causes and Prevention

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Back injuries are a common problem for accident victims, and millions of Americans live with ongoing, chronic back pain each day. Unfortunately, treatments for back pain don’t often bring long-term results, and sufferers may spend a small fortune seeking relief for a problem they eventually are told they’ll just have to live with. If you suffer back problems as the result of an accident or personal injury, it is helpful to identify the cause of your back problems, as well as your options for treatment.

Common Causes of Back Injuries

According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), over 80% of the population experiences back problems at one time or another, and half of all workers experience some form of back problem each year. In fact, back pain is the number one reason employees miss work, and in addition to lost wages, the estimated cost to American consumers suffering back problems is over $50 billion a year. Most back pain is caused by mechanical issues, such as herniated or ruptured disks, strained ligaments and pulled muscles, and irritated joints, all of which can cause significant amounts of pain and severely hinder and limit movement. Common causes of back injuries include:

  • Sports-related injuries
  • On-the-job injuries caused by overexertion and improper lifting
  • Work injuries due to improper posture and positioning
  • Injuries related to car accidents
  • Injuries as the result of slip, trip, or fall accidents

According to the ACA, you don’t have to be involved in a major accident to end up with significant back problems and injuries. Even something as minor as bending over the wrong way to pick up a pencil can result in painful and debilitating back problems.

Treatment of Back Injuries

According to the Mayo Clinic, some back injuries tend to get better on their own while others require more intensive and ongoing treatment. Taking pain relievers and applying ice immediately to the injury to reduce swelling can facilitate recuperation, but is not always a long term solution. Bed rest is not recommended; it’s important to continue your daily activities as much as you can tolerate. If you don’t feel any relief after a week or more, or if your pain is severe, you may need to pursue other forms of treatment. Common ways of treating back pain and injuries include:

  • Taking prescribed medications, such as anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers, and pain relievers
  • Getting cortisone injections to reduce inflammation
  • Participating in ongoing physical therapy and doing specific exercises designed to strengthen muscles
  • Surgery, which may be required to repair structural damage and herniated disks

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