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Pedestrian Accidents: S.C. Continues to Rank High

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South Carolina is a state with many charms. It is full of quaint southern towns where you can leisurely stroll down sidewalks and walkways under moss draped oaks, stopping into cafes and boutiques, or simply finding a bench to sit and enjoy the blue sky and temperate climate. Walking is good for your health, environmentally friendly, and an inexpensive way to get where you need to go, but it is not without its dangers. The rates for pedestrian accidents in the Palmetto State are high, and injuries related to these accidents can be severe and life threatening. As South Carolina continues to lead the nation in terms of pedestrian accidents, local and state agencies increase their efforts to warn the public in the hopes of preventing injuries and fatalities.

Pedestrian Accident Rates

As more people enjoy the various benefits of walking to get to work, school, or to do errands, pedestrian safety has become a primary concern. According to a March 2016 news release on pedestrian accident rates from the Governor’s Highway Safety Administration (GHSA), pedestrian accidents and fatalities rates are expected to have increased more than ten percent over the past year and continue to be a growing problem throughout the country. Over the past ten years, nearly 5,000 pedestrians are killed annually as a result of these accidents, while hundreds of thousands more suffer serious injuries. The GHSA states South Carolina is among one of the seven highest states in the nation in terms of pedestrian accident rates, with roughly 100 fatalities each year.

Preventing South Carolina Pedestrian Accidents

The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) appreciates the many benefits provided by walkers, citing the fact that walking benefits the environment by not relying on gas or creating harmful emissions, while helping to reduce traffic congestion on the state’s roads and highways. At the same time, the DMV is aware of the potential dangers pedestrian face, and urges all drivers stay alert to the presence of pedestrians on roads and in intersections The DMV states that small children, older adults, and the drinking public are more likely to be at risk of being injured as the result of a pedestrian accident. Children may be more inclined to run out onto the street from between parked cars, while older adults may underestimate the amount of time needed to cross a street or intersection. For those under the influence, impaired judgment can result in reckless actions with potentially deadly consequences. To prevent pedestrian accidents, the DMV advises motorists to do the following:

  • Drivers should slow down and be prepared to stop on streets lined with parked cars;
  • Be aware that nighttime is particularly dangerous for pedestrian accidents, as visibility is reduced;
  • Remember to yield at crosswalks, and switch lanes if you see a pedestrian walking too close to the side of the road; and
  • Blowing your horn can be a useful way to alert pedestrians to potential dangers, but always be ready to yield the right of way to a pedestrian when necessary.

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