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Pokémon Go Accidents and Injuries: Players at Increased Risk

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Pokémon Go is the latest craze sweeping the country. It seems like anywhere you go you see people staring at their cellphones, immersed in the game. While the game is credited for getting people out and about, there are increasing reports of car accidents and injuries, many of which have the potential to be severe. In this article, we provide the latest information on what to watch out for if you are a Pokémon Go player, ways in which you can avoid being injured, and possible recourse in the case of personal injury.

Pokémon Go Accidents and Injuries

Pokémon Go has become the hot new game for Smartphone users. As a July 2016 Washington Post story reports, the app accumulated over 100,000 new users within four days of its release. While in app purchases are available, the game itself is available as a free app on your cellphone, using virtual reality technology to make virtual monsters appear through your camera screen. Players then catch the monsters, which appear in any variety of public places, in order to accumulate points.

While the game initially was applauded for encouraging users to get outdoors and walk in search of the creatures, increasing reports of accidental injuries among players are causing concerns. According to the Washington Post, slip and fall injuries, pedestrian accidents, and even car accidents are now being reported, despite the fact that the game itself includes a warning screen advising players to pay attention to their surroundings while engaged in play. If you have been injured in this way, a South Carolina personal injury attorney can help you understand what options you have available for recourse.

Pokémon Go Safety Tips

While Pokémon Go and its monsters are just a game, the risks for consumers are serious enough for experts to weigh in. A recent CBS news report on Pokémon Go injuries reports that the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons has issued a warning of the potential injuries that could result if players are not paying attention. While acknowledging the benefits that the game offers in encouraging physical activity, the report states that injuries resulting from being distracted by your cellphone device could include muscle strains and sprains, broken bones, and other potentially life threatening injuries such as skull fractures and concussions. To prevent accident and injuries, players are advised to follow these precautions:

  • Refrain from using cellphones and playing Pokémon Go when driving or operating a bicycle
  • Be aware of your surroundings while playing, and be particularly cautious near streets and intersections
  • Keep an eye out for obstacles that could result in injuries, such as uneven sidewalks or cracks
  • If playing at night, wear brightly colored, reflective clothing to increase your visibility
  • Play in teams or groups, and avoid isolated areas

Contact a South Carolina Personal Injury Attorney for Help

If you or someone you care about has been injured while playing Pokémon Go, you may be entitled to compensation for the damages you have suffered. Contact the South Carolina personal injury attorneys at Anastopoulo Law Firm today. We’ll teach you how negligent drivers and property owners can be held financially accountable for the injuries you have suffered. Our experienced personal injury attorneys offer the aggressive legal representation you need in these types of situations, helping to improve your chance at recovery.


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