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Bicycle Accident Statistics

Bicycle Accidents Statistics - Don't Be Part Of Them

Now that it's springtime, bike riders everywhere are dusting off their bicycles, because in most places that are under a stay in place order, exercise is still allowed, and these orders include riding your bike. However, we don't want you to be in these bicycle accidents statistics, so we've compiled some information and safety tips to help.

NHTSA Bicycle Accidents Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 857 bicycle riders were killed in 2018. All of these deaths were a result of crashing with a motor vehicle. Be sure to understand and practice the local rules of the road to lessen your chances of getting hurt in a bike crash.

Here are some eye-opening facts from a study done earlier:

  • Most accidents happened in urban vs. rural areas (75% vs. 25%)
  • A majority of the accidents did not occur at intersections (63%)
  • A large number of bike accidents happen from 6PM to midnight - depending upon the time of the year, it could be dark at 6PM.

bicycle accidents statistics from NHTSA

Furthermore, during that time frame, many of the accidents happened on weekends, not weekdays.

What Can You Do To Avoid Being A Bicycle Accidents Statistic?

There are several things you can do to reduce the chances of becoming a statistic.

  • Always wear a bike helmet, and make sure it fits properly
  • Wear bright, reflective clothing to stand out against traffic - this can be as simple as a lightweight safety vest that is high visibility yellow or orange with reflective stripes
  • Consider installing and using front and rear lights - digital bike lighting systems are battery operated and can be set to flashing or steady light to help motorists see you from a distance
  • Use your bike lighting system both during the day and night - as a bike rider, you can never be too visible
  • Try to ride on streets that are less busy - avoid main thoroughfares if possible
  • Use public bike paths - if you're lucky enough to live in an area with bike paths, consider using those first
  • Keep your bike mechanically safe - always make sure the chain, pedals, brakes and gears are good working order; keep your tires pumped up

More Bike Safety Tips To Keep You From Becoming A Statistic

  • Don't be tempted to plug in earbuds and listen to music while riding your bike - you can't hear the traffic around or behind you
  • When riding in a group, keep a large enough distance to brake safely if the person ahead of you stops suddenly
  • Observe all traffic signs and signals - when you're on a bike, you're not a pedestrian - you're a moving vehicle, so observe all local traffic and safety laws
  • Keep your state-issued ID on you, in case you get hurt so medical personnel can positively identify you
  • Take your mobile phone with you in case you get hurt, have a flat tire or need assistance that’s only a phone call away

What To Do If You're In A Bicycle Accident

If you're involved in an accident and are conscious, be careful about getting up and moving around. You may have an injury that can be aggravated by standing or walking. Be sure you receive a medical exam to see if you have any injuries that will prevent you from working or doing other activities.

Get the other party's contact information and insurance policy details.

We hope you never have a bicycle accident and become part of bike accident data reporting, but if you do, contact the Anastopoulo Law Firm. We will help you get all the compensation you are entitled to. Call 800-313-2546 now for a free consultation, and learn more about our bicycle accident legal representation here.

Image courtesy of NHTSA


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