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Air Fryer Dangers

Air Fryer Dangers You Should Be Aware Of

A new cooking trend is the air fryer. Fans of this equipment love that they can cook healthy food to lose weight, feel better and ensure they are eating healthy to live a longer, healthier life. But there are air fryer dangers that can take the fun out of using these meal preparation devices.

Cooking and baking can be dangerous due to high cooking temperatures, hot oil a/water and hot oven surfaces. Skillets and cooking pans can have hot handles, and any cooking container that comes out of the oven will be too hot to touch without protective layers on your hands.

air fryer dangers

If you use an air fryer according to the manufacturer’s instructions, you should avoid all problems with burning, smoky air or fire hazards. But here are the air fryer dangers that could exist if the product is defective or improperly used.

Four Air Fryer Dangers To Avoid

While it’s exciting to try out new cooking techniques and equipment, the potential for making mistakes with anything, including air fryers can happen.

  • First, don’t use the air fryer in a non-ventilated area. It has ventilation openings to blow hot air out, but if they are blocked, the unit could fail or catch fire. Use your air fryer in an open area, and if smoke develops during cooking, turn on the stove vent fan.
  • Don’t use your air fryer near electrical outlets. Make sure the air fryer ventilation holes aren’t blowing hot/warm air into an electrical outlet; this could ignite an electrical fire at that outlet. The fire could then race through your house through the electrical wiring in your walls.
  • Don’t use your air fryer on the stove. Fires have occurred when someone accidentally turned on the stove instead of the fryer.
  • Make sure you have food on top of the parchment paper that’s being used for cooking. The hot air circulating through the fryer could blow unsecured parchment paper around the interior, and it could catch fire.

Periodically check the food in the air fryer while it’s cooking to avoid burning. Stay nearby, set a timer or reminder on your smartphone to let you know that you should check the progress of the food you’re cooking.

More Air Fryer Mistakes

There are other hazards to know before using your air fryer.

  • Don’t fill the pan with oil - air fryers are for cooking healthier meals. Always read the instructions about what, if anything, to fill the pan for cooking meals.
  • When the air fryer is plugged in and operating, do not touch the surfaces. You could end up with burns or electrical shocks.
  • Once you’ve cooked your meal, wait at least 30 minutes for the unit to cool down before cleaning it. The hot temperatures inside the unit can cause scalding and burning.
  • Always operate your air fryer on a level, stable surface to avoid spilling hot materials that can cause burns or start house fires.

Don’t overfill the basket - doing so can result in uneven cooking.

If you’ve been injured using an air fryer that you believe is a defective product, contact the South Carolina product liability lawyers at the Anastopoulo Law firm. You may be entitled to damages and compensation for injuries and dwelling damage. Call us at 800-313-2546 for a no-cost consultation.

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