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Common Accidents and Injuries Affecting Children

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For many of us, children are a source of great joy, reminding us of our own childhoods. Whether it’s your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, siblings, or just a neighbor’s children, their zest for life and adventurous natures can’t help but capture our hearts. At the same time, most of us feel that fierce drive to protect them from harm. Spend any amount of time with a child and you’ll likely catch your breath several times as they narrowly avoid injury. While many childhood accidents involve no more than a scraped knee, accidents involving children can result in serious, potentially life-threatening injuries. Protect your children by being aware of the common causes of childhood injuries, and what you can do to prevent them.

Common Childhood Injuries

While childhood is perceived as a time of carefree innocence, there are some sobering facts that parents and caregivers of young ones should be aware of. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 9 million children are seen in hospital emergency rooms each year due to injuries. The most common injuries affecting children include:

  • Drowning, which can occur in bathtubs, at pools, or anywhere there is even a small amount of water
  • Burns, caused by hot liquids, steam, or direct contact with fire
  • Road traffic accidents, most commonly due to cars, pedestrian, and bicycling accidents
  • Poisoning, from everyday household cleaners or medications in the home
  • Suffocation, due to choking on food or small items they put in their mouths
  • Sports injuries, both at school and on playgrounds
  • Falls, both on playgrounds and in the home

Parents and other caring adults can play a big role in protecting their children from accidental injuries. While injury is the leading cause of death among children, most of these injuries can be prevented.

Preventing Injuries in Children

While children are meant to explore, play, and enjoy their environment, following some simple safety tips can help ensure your child stays safe. The American Academy of Pediatrics offers parents and other caring adults an abundance of safety tips to prevent injuries in children including:

  • To prevent burns, never hold your child while cooking, turn handles on pots and pans towards the back of the stove, and keep all matches, lighter, and flammable liquid out of reach
  • To prevent drowning, never leave your child unattended in the bathtub, and teach your child to swim and always keep them in sight when near the water
  • Go to playgrounds that have soft, cushioned ground covers to absorb the shock from falls. Supervise your child at playgrounds, and speak up to prevent bullying
  • Make sure windows at home are locked to prevent falls
  • For small children, cut foods into bite size pieces to prevent choking, and ensure no small toys or buttons are lying where they can reach
  • Always use a car seat, and teach children to cross in crosswalks and to look right, then left, then right again when crossing the street

The list of things that children get into is almost endless. To keep them safe, be on the alert against common dangers while you and your child are out, and make sure your home is childproof and kid-friendly.

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