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Defective Products: Product Recalls and Injuries

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The saying goes that you get what you pay for. When we, as consumers, spend our hard earned money in purchasing a product, we expect it to work the way it’s supposed to. We buy products from manufacturers that we feel we can trust, those who have made a name for themselves in whatever industry they are in, and feel confident that these manufacturers stand behind their products. While we’ve all had experiences with products that didn’t live up to their claims, the last thing most of us worry about is that any of these products could cause us actually harm. The fact is that injuries due to defective products do occur, and oftentimes the injuries sustained are serious, and sometimes life threatening. Product recalls and consumer safety alerts aim to protect consumers from damages due to defective products. Here’s how to be sure that what you are using will not only live up to its claims, but won’t result in injuries for you or your family.

Consumer Safety

According to statistics from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), injuries, deaths, and damage to property as the result of defective and dangerous products results in costs to our nation of over $1 trillion a year – a staggering amount. The CPSC works to ensure the safety of products on the market, and informs consumers when a product has been found to contain defects that could cause injuries or damage. The CPSC allows consumers to search for products that are defective or dangerous by either the product name, company or manufacturer before purchasing a product. The CPSC also publishes safety guides that are available free to consumers, on safety topics and practices related to products that have the potential for danger, including:

  • Electronics and electrical equipment
  • Construction and home maintenance equipment and supplies
  • Automobiles, bikes, motorcycles, and other forms of transportation
  • Children’s toys and furnishings, including playgrounds and swing sets
  • Pools, spas, and saunas
  • Appliances and home furnishings
  • Tools and home workshop equipment

The CPSC also alerts consumers regarding products that could have a danger of carbon monoxide or other types of poisoning, as well as those that pose fire or burn hazards.

Defective Product Injuries

Depending on the type of product and how it is used, consumers may be at risk for a variety of serious and life threatening injuries. Injuries caused by defective products include:

  • Burns and skin abrasions
  • Poisoning
  • Severe cuts and lacerations
  • Muscle, bone, or tendon damage
  • Drowning, choking, or suffocation

These injuries require often require extensive and ongoing medical treatment, and can result in loss of wages, as well as temporary or permanent disability. Who pays the high costs associated with these kinds of defective product injuries? Under the South Carolina Code of Law, Section 15-73-10, anyone who sells a defective product may be held financially responsible for any damages that have occurred because of the product.

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