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Car Accidents Involving Drunk Drivers

The Anastopoulo Law Firm

South Carolina, like other states, takes a strong stand against drunk drivers. DUI checkpoints are common, and drivers caught with a blood alcohol content above the legal limit face harsh criminal penalties, in addition to the inevitable loss of their license. Despite stricter laws and increased police efforts, drunk drivers continue to pose a serious threat to drivers on South Carolina roadways.

Drunk driving is a leading cause of car accidents in the Palmetto State, and damages due to drunk driving accidents can run into millions of dollars. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to hinder drivers to simply not drink and drive. To avoid being the victim of a drunk driver, it’s important to understand the impact drunk drivers have on South Carolina roadways, as well as efforts you can make to keep yourself safe when on the road.


The Palmetto State is known for many things, such as our temperate climate, beautiful beaches, and world famous cuisine. Unfortunately, we’re also known for a very dangerous statistic: South Carolina leads the nation in drunk driver fatalities. News stories throughout the area have recently published findings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) which shows that South Carolina leads the nation in drunk driving deaths.

According to recent reports by the NHTSA, 44% of South Carolina’s traffic fatalities are related to drunk driving, which is 13% higher than the national average. Despite the best efforts of law enforcement, drunk drivers continue to pose a threat on our roads, often times escaping detection and risking innocent people’s lives along with their own. Groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) continue to call for more police efforts, such as DUI roadblocks, as well as increased criminal prosecutions for motorists caught driving while impaired.


The South Carolina Department of Public Safety aims to decrease the incidence of drunk driving while educating the general public against dangers posed by drunk drivers through its Sober or Slammer campaign. While law enforcement does its part, making over 27,000 DUI arrests last year alone, the general public can help to do their part in keeping themselves safe from drunk drivers by taking a few simple precautions. In order to protect yourself from an impaired driver, motorists should do the following:

  • Stay Back: If you suspect you are driving behind someone who is drunk behind the wheel, keep as much distance as possible between your vehicle and theirs
  • Turn Off The Road: If you suspect a drunk driver is behind you, turn off the road and let them pass
  • Slow Down: If you suspect an impaired driver in the opposite lane is heading towards you, slow down and pull to the right
  • Notify Law Enforcement: Report suspected impaired drivers to law enforcement by stopping your vehicle and dialing ‘HP’ on your cell phone

While it may seem somewhat of an inconvenience to modify your own driving on account of drunk drivers, taking these precautions could end up saving your own life as well as the lives of your passengers.


While you may not be able to prevent others from driving drunk, you can protect yourself against these drivers while on the road. At Anastopoulo Law Firm our experienced car accident attorneys represent victims of drunk drivers throughout our state. With offices in Charleston and various locations throughout South Carolina, we can help you get compensation for injuries suffered as the result of drunk drivers. Call Akim Anastopoulo today for a free review of your case.


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