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Bone Fractures in Children

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Childhood injuries are fact of life. In the course of everyday play, children get scraped knees, cuts, and bruises that, though they may cause a few tears, heal fairly quickly. At the same time, there are some injuries that children get that can cause serious damage and have the potential to permanently impact their lives. Accidents resulting in bone fractures are incredibly painful, may require repeated medical procedures, and can result in permanent impairment. If your child has suffered a personal injury resulting in broken bones, as a parent you will want to understand the impacts of their injuries, as well as the types of treatment your child should receive.

Types of Bone Fractures

A fracture is just another word for a broken bone and according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), bone fractures are the fourth most common type of childhood injury. Falls are the leading cause of these types of injuries among children, and a single bone fracture can take a variety of forms. The AAP lists the following types of bone fractures common for children:

  • Bend fractures: As the name implies, in these case the bone bends, but does not break
  • Torus fractures: These types of fractures occur when the bone twists and buckles, and though weakened it does not break
  • ‘Greenstick’ fractures: These fractures are those in which the bone bends, but only breaks on one side
  • Complete fractures: This type of fracture occur when the bone breaks all the way through
  • Growth fractures: These are the most serious type of fractures, and occur on the growth plates at the end of the bone. These plates regulate growth, and if they do not heal properly, the bone can grow slowly, and may not heal properly

Fractures are also classified in two categories; displaced, and non-displaced. A non-displaced bone occurs when the ends of the bone are still in the correct position. In a displaced break, the bones do not align, and have to be medically moved back into place.

Treating Bone Fractures in Children

According to Boston Children’s Hospital, voted as the top orthopedic hospital for children in the nation by U.S. News and World Report, the type of treatment your child may require depends on the type of fracture they suffered. Treatment for broken bones in children include the following:

  • Splints, which are often used on a recently broken bone to keep the bone in place and to help prevent swelling
  • Casts, which are used to hold the bone in place once swelling has gone down
  • Surgery, which may be required for serious fractures, in which metal pins are used either inside or outside of the body to keep the bones in place
  • Closed reduction, a procedure that involves using a local anesthetic while the doctor physically manipulates the bone to put it back in place
  • Traction, which uses a pulling motion to gently ease the bone back into place

In some case, a bone fracture will penetrate the skin and stick out from the body at the injury site. This is referred to as an open fracture, and will require both medication to relieve pain, as well as an antibiotic to prevent infection.

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