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Motorcycle Accidents and the Potential for Catastrophic Injuries

Anastopoulo Law Firm

man with motorcycle helmetOn busy roads, there are several different types of accidents that can occur, but there are few with the implications that come with a motorcycle accident. Many of these result in some of the most serious and catastrophic injuries.

It’s important for motorcyclists to recognize the potential dangers that exist to them on the road and take the necessary steps to stay safe. Unfortunately, not all motorcyclists can stay safe when drivers are reckless or fail to pay close attention to them.

Catastrophic injuries are considered some of the worst because of the long-term detriment they can cause to the injured party. These are more common in motorcycle accidents for a few reasons, and it’s important to understand how they happen.

Traumatic Brain Injuries In Motorcycle Accidents

We’re always warned to wear helmets when riding a motorcycle—and rightfully so. As a rider, your head and brain are at significant risk of suffering damage with a helmet; without one can leave you susceptible to fatal injuries.

However, even with a helmet on, there are a number of various situations in which a rider can suffer a traumatic brain injury. Here are some of the causes of traumatic brain injuries involving serious motorcycle accidents:

  • Ejection from the motorcycle: With or without a helmet, if a rider is ejected from the motorcycle and they land on their head, the jolt can result in a concussion or worse. The brain will maneuver inside the skull and the impact can damage the tissue, cause brain bleeding, and more.
  • Sideswipes resulting in the rider’s head contacting the ground: When a motorcyclist is sideswiped on the road, they can easily lose control of their vehicle and slide on the road. This also increases the potential of having their head make contact with the ground, resulting in a brain injury.
  • Contact with the vehicle: In many motorcycle accidents, the cause is a vehicle turning in front of a vehicle or colliding with one from the rear. The motorcyclist may land on the vehicle, hitting their head on the windshield or another part of the vehicle.

How Motorcycle Accidents Can Cause Spinal Cord Injuries

Like in any collision, a motorcycle accident can be a rear-end crash in which the vehicle collides with the motorcycle from behind. This can cause the motorcyclist to suffer serious instances of whiplash, which not only causes harm to the head and neck, but also to the spine and spinal cord.

If the whiplash is severe enough, it can result in damaged discs, tissue and muscle damage, or in the worst of situations, paralysis. Similarly, this can occur if a motorcyclist is ejected from his or her motorcycle, flips over the vehicle, and lands harshly on the vehicle or floor.

Spinal cord injuries can have a tremendous impact on someone’s life such as causing difficulty with mobility, long-term pain, medical care requirements, and more. Unfortunately, it can also mean paralysis in which the individual is unable to move from the location of the injury and below.

Burn Injuries Without the Proper Gear

Many individuals don’t recognize it, but burn injuries are common in motorcycle accidents—but it’s the type of burn injury of which most people are not aware. In motorcycle accidents where the rider does not have on proper gear, they can easily suffer from friction burns.

These are commonly referred to as road rash on motorcycles and typically result in multiple layers of skin being removed from the impacted area. Without the proper tops or pants, you can suffer these should you lose control of your motorcycle after getting sideswiped and sliding across the floor.

With regards to burn injuries, another potential cause could be if a car crashes into the motorcyclist, pinning his or her body part against the hot engine, or if the crash is significant enough to cause a fire to the fuel tank.

Other Serious Injuries that Can Occur

If the accident is severe enough, the motorcyclist may suffer from other catastrophic injuries such as amputation or internal organ damage.

When a body part is damaged significantly, it may be amputated in order to save other parts of the body. This can be difficult for the injured individual to endure, but it is often times necessary to avoiding even further issues.

Any time a motorcyclist is ejected from his or her motorcycle, or there is significant impact to his or her body, they may suffer damage to their internal organs. Significant bleeding, tears, or more can be fatal if not treated in a timely manner.

At Anastopoulo Law Firm, we recognize how serious these types of accidents can be. When they are caused by someone else’s negligence, we’re determined to help the injured party take legal action to pursue the compensation they deserve.

Our South Carolina motorcycle accident lawyers work with you to help you understand what rights and options you have moving forward. During a difficult time, you can count on our firm to stand by your side, represent your needs, and go the extra mile to protect your rights.

If you’ve suffered an injury as a result of a motorcycle accident caused by someone else’s actions, you have rights. For a free consultation to learn how we can protect those rights, we encourage you to contact our firm today at (800) 313-2546.


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