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Why You Need A Car Accident Lawyer

How A South Carolina Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You

If you’ve been hurt in an automobile accident, you need a car accident lawyer to help you recover compensation you may be entitled to.

There are multiple reasons why you may want to consult with, or hire a car crash attorney if you’ve been involved in an accident.

First, if you are involved in a crash where you are not at fault, the other person’s insurance company may quickly contact you with an offer to settle. In general ,the amount you are offered is probably less than what you can get if you have legal representation.

If the other party is at fault and has no insurance, you will probably get nothing by trying to deal with the individual yourself. This is frustrating, time consuming and does not help you fix or replace your vehicle that was damaged in the accident. An auto accident lawyer has legal processes to get the uninsured driver to compensate you.

South Carolina car accident lawyer

If you are not found at fault for the crash, it may be in your best interests to let an attorney represent you when dealing with your insurance company and the guilty party. Depending upon the crash circumstances, your lawyer can save you time and frustration in receiving money you may be entitled to.

This can range from getting a rental car while yours is either being repaired or replaced to getting the at-fault driver to cover medical expenses, including copays, hospital stays, surgery costs or medication. A skilled auto accident lawyer can negotiate better settlement terms for you in a faster manner.

If the automobile accident is not your fault and causes you to miss work due to injuries and/or no transportation, your lawyer can work with your employer to determine if you are entitled to lost wages. If you are injured in a car wreck while driving for your employer, and you are not at fault, your attorney can help you with the worker’s compensation process.

What Are The South Carolina Car Crash Statutes Of Limitations?

There are time and money limits you should know if you are involved in an auto accident in South Carolina. You have three years from the time of the accident to file a lawsuit for personal injury and property damage.

As for money damages, the South Carolina Code of Laws Unannotated states " award of punitive damages may not exceed the greater of three times the amount of compensatory damages awarded to each claimant entitled thereto or the sum of five hundred thousand dollars."

If you or your loved ones have been in a car crash, have been injured and no longer have transportation, contact the Anastopoulo Law firm today at 1-800-313-2546 to see what compensation you may be entitled to. Our South Carolina car accident attorneys are ready to fight for you.

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