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Travel Safety Tips

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For many people, summer means vacation time. You’ve been looking forward to this all year; packing up the car and the family, and heading out on the open road to your favorite vacation destination. Road trips with family or friends to amusement parks, to beaches, lakes, or mountain getaways, to visit historic sites; these are all ingredients for incredible memories. Of course, it is always important to prepare accordingly when leaving home. Being prepared can help your trip be more enjoyable, but it can also help to prevent automobile accidents and mishaps. Before you take your summer road trip, read our list of things you need to do to prepare. By taking a few advance precautions and heeding safety tips, you can have an accident-free and fun summer adventure.

Road Trip Preparations

With gas prices low, it’s a great time to travel by car. Being your own driver means you can go where you want, stay as long as you would like, and have the freedom not to follow any itinerary but your own. In order to make sure your vehicle is ready for the trip, Consumer Reports recommends you take the following steps to prepare your car for a road trip:

  • Schedule an automotive check up with your mechanic. Make sure there aren’t any issues that could jeopardize your plans.
  • Check your battery. Make sure it is fully charged and working properly. Clean your terminals to prevent buildup.
  • Change your oil. Get your oil changed before you go. An added bonus exists: many places that perform this service also will vacuum the interior of your car for free.
  • Inspect your tires. Be sure tires are adequately filled, and check for signs of wear and tear. Investing in new tires before you leave is easier and less hassle than having to change a flat on the road.
  • Clean your headlights and taillights, and make sure you have enough window washer fluid. Visibility is important when you’re driving unfamiliar roads.

Safety Tips for Road Trips

Once your car is properly serviced and ready for the road, do your part to prevent an accident by following these road safety tips from the Red Cross:

  • Get plenty of rest before you travel. You want to be alert when driving on highways and interstates.
  • Stay off your cell phone, and give GPS a break. You want to give the road in front of you your full attention.
  • Observe speed limits. It’s dangerous to drive too slow or too fast.
  • Keep your distance from other vehicles. Tailgating is a leading cause of accidents.
  • Use caution in work zones, for your protection, as well as the people working.
  • If you do have car trouble, pull as far off the road as possible and call highway patrol to alert them.

These are good safety rules to follow both at home or away. Plus, don’t forget to always wear a seatbelt and don’t drink and drive.

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